A Letter from Jerusalem

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from two places, where my heart and mind are present now. One place is in Europe and the other is in Jerusalem.

What a big difference between the two! But under the surface – they are the same. Same people, same hearts, same hurts, same fears, same longing, same hope.

It is getting clearer and clearer to me that the escalating violence is a widespread, well acted, and very convincing drama. Behind the scenes something real is happening, but does not get our attention.

What is going on?

Since I got involved in the Israeli-Palestinian story, I keep hearing a clear and true voice from many – if not all – my Palestinian partners, saying:

We are ready to drop the past, let go of all that happened to us, leave our suffering and pain behind, and look forward to the future with an open heart.

This message is coming from different people of various backgrounds, living in the West Bank and in Gaza, in refugee camps and in Israel. It is very subtle and it took me a long time to decipher it. I had felt that something was different, but only after a while I managed to understand what it was.

This also explains the violent reactions. The old habitual forces that are constantly pulling people’s attention and energy away from the real thing. Taking many lives and many more minds.

I am asking you, people of all nations, who are closely following the events in the Middle East, with deep care and compassion, to send your loving energy to the positive change that is taking place right here and now.

In your hearts, look through the drama and hear through the loud noises. Look for the small signs of hope and listen to the subtle sounds of change. A shift in consciousness is under way in Palestine and Israel!

My contribution to delivering this new energy is to co-create, together with close friends from Israel, Palestine, Switzerland, Romania and the rest of the world, a meeting place on the borderline of Palestine and Israel.

In a small village not far from Jerusalem and Bethlehem, we are going to use the stones and the earth and make a place for all people – Palestinians, Israelis, people from all nationalities – to meet, sip coffee together and reconnect. And a place for children to play, socialize and build friendship and trust.

We will have a one week camp where volunteers from all nations will stay together, learn, share, work, design, build, play, dance and make music and theater. I invite you to be part of this new creation.

You can come and join us, give us physical support, send us your loving thoughts and pray for us.

 Letting the Light Shine,

Dhyan Or


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